The debate on debates: They grab headlines but some ask if they still matter

WASHINGTON - Debates, or lack of them, were the focus of a substantial amount of, well, debate in Arizona's elections this fall. But do they really matter anymore in helping voters make up their minds on a candidate? That all depends on who you ask.

Earlier fears of short-staffed elections averted, but some fears remain

WASHINGTON - Earlier fears that voter intimidation would make it hard to hire workers run state elections have not panned out. But county recorders say they are staffed up, they concede that workers may be looking over their shoulders more this year than in years past.

Fact-checking Arizona Democrats’ claim that Abraham Hamadeh misled about his legal experience

Abraham Hamadeh worked as a prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for almost 3 years. Hamadeh said in an interview that he played a lead role and handled many trials. Court records show he worked on a total of 27 cases. None of those cases went to trial.

Fact-check: Republican Arizona school chief candidate said kids are resistant to COVID-19

Republican Tom Horne, candidate for Arizona superintendent of public instruction, said kids are resistant to COVID-19. Politifact rates that claim as half true.

Fact-check: Hodge: Schweikert convicted of 11 counts of House ethics violations

Jevin Hodge said David Schweikert has “been convicted of 11 House ethics violations.” Politifact rates that as true.

Fact-check: Katie Hobbs backed bill to double Arizona gasoline taxes

In mid-October, Kari Lake said Katie Hobbs “has voted to double our gas tax.” Politifact rates that claim as mostly true.

Fact-check: Kris Mayes exaggerates, but as AG, Abraham Hamadeh could seek jail time for abortion providers

Democratic candidate for Arizona attorney general Kris Mayes claims her opponent, Abraham Hamadeh, would target women and doctors for abortion law violations. Politifact rates Mayes' claim as half true.

Fact-check: No, Katie Hobbs did not vote to pull the Pledge of Allegiance or the U.S. Constitution from school

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake accused her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs, of voting to prevent students from learning about the Pledge of Allegiance, the Constitution, and other historical American documents.

Fact-check: Kris Mayes said Arizona’s murder rate rose by 20% under Republican leadership

In the Sept. 28 attorney general debate hosted by Arizona PBS, Democrat Kris Mayes said, "We have seen over the last 10 years, under Republican agencies and Republican governors, a rise in the murder rate in Arizona of 20%."

Prop 130 could restore long-defunct property tax break for veterans

WASHINGTON - It's been 32 years since disabled Arizona veterans got the same property tax break as widows, widowers and disabled individuals. Proposition 130 restores the tax break by fixing language in the Constitution that courts said violated the equal protection clause.

Tucson woman arrested in abortion-rights protest during Supreme Court hearing

WASHINGTON - A Tucson woman was one of three people arrested Wednesday after they disrupted a Supreme Court hearing with a protest over the court's decision to reverse its 1973 ruling that had recognized a right to an abortion.

Hell on your cell: Arizonans got 50 million campaign robotexts this fall

WASHINGTON - It’s not just the elections that are heating up - your phone is, too. Almost 50 million unsolicited political robotexts were sent to Arizona phones this fall, according to one company's data, and more than a million robocalls were sent in the same period.