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Confederate monuments removed in Arizona amid broader push

PHOENIX – The local chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy said it removed the monuments to be cleaned after they were vandalized.

‘Here, we’re really one program’: Prudhomme leads both men’s, women’s GCU tennis teams to success

Phoenix – Grand Canyon University’s Greg Prudhomme is the head coach for both the men’s and women’s team, and he’s finding success with both.

National Park Service works to attract more ethnically diverse visitors

More than six million people visited Grand Canyon National Park in 2016 but only a small percentage were minorities. Representatives are working on ways to draw more diverse visitors.

Federal judge rules United States must keep DACA and accept new applications

A Federal judge ruled on Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security must continue to accept renewal and new DACA applications and have 90 days to explain why they rescinded DACA last year, otherwise, all DACA applications must be processed.

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Warning: Genetic health tests aren’t always good for you

Genetic testing is gaining popularity and can be beneficial but consumers have to watch out for company quality in an industry with limited government regulation, a legal expert says.

Coloring care: California nonprofit makes new crayons out of broken pieces, donates them to children’s hospitals

A California-based nonprofit is collecting used crayons to repurpose them into new ones for children’s hospitals in Phoenix, Mesa and other parts of the U.S.

Number of homeless people not in shelters is up 27% in the past year in Maricopa County

The preliminary results of the 2018 Point-in-Time show a 27% increase in unsheltered homelessness in the last year.

Trump administration lifts environmental obstacles to building border wall in New Mexico

The Department of Homeland Security has expedited construction of the reinforced border wall in New Mexico by waiving 20 environmental laws.

Text 911: Maricopa County improves emergency system to serve the hearing impaired

Maricopa County provides way to text in an emergency, helping people with disabilities.

McCain, Udall honored for their legacy of supporting Grand Canyon

Sen. John McCain was one of two people honored Wednesday with the dedication of a plaque at Grand Canyon National Park's South Rim. The National Park Service and the Grand Canyon Association unveiled the tribute for Sen. McCain and the late Representative Morris Udall near Mather Point.

Trump administration seeks rule change linking immigration status to use of public benefits

A leaked draft of a proposed policy change from the Trump administration details how an immigrant seeking permanent residency in the U.S. can become a public charge and possibly face deportation depending on their use of public benefits.

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Uber self-driving cars suspended from Arizona roads; Waymo moves ahead

A day after Gov. Doug Ducey suspended self-driving Uber cars on public roads, Waymo, on Tuesday announced plans to begin ride-hailing service in metro Phoenix by the end of the year.