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Ramadan fast presents Arizona’s Muslim athletes with unique challenges, benefits

PHOENIX – The intermittent fasting that accompanies Ramadan presents unique challenges to Muslim athletes, especially amid Arizona’s torrid heat.

Arizona delegates hope for unity, progressive change after DNC email leak

PHILADELPHIA - Sanders delegate Mikel Weisser was not surprised that leaked emails showed the Democratic National Committee apparently scheming to support Sanders’ rival, Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic primary that culminates with Clinton’s nomination here this week.

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention following a day dominated by talk of DNC email leaks. (Photo by Kelsey DeGideo/Cronkite News)

Why here and why now: Behind the scenes of the border poll

A new Cronkite News-Univision News-Dallas Morning News poll surveyed nearly 1,500 people living in 14 U.S.-Mexico border cities.

Nine desert plants you can turn into cookies, candy and margaritas

CAVE CREEK — Sweet red fruit rests on the arm of a prickly Saguaro. Yellowing pods are ground into meal. Spiked bright-green pads are roasted over a crackling fire pit.

Ramadan connects Arizona Muslims to local community, world

TEMPE – A crescent moon shines bright in the night sky, casting a celestial light. The lunar cycle signifies Ramadan, one of the most holy times for Muslims across the world.