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Going the (social) distance: High school football survives week one during COVID-19 era

PHOENIX – It looked different, but Arizona high school football made it through week one, with masks, social distancing and fewer fans

‘How can I pay the bills’? Freelancers, other journalists impacted by COVID-19’s suspension of sports

PHOENIX – Nine freelancers and sports journalists share how they’ve been impacted by COVID-19 and the suspension of sports.

Water from air: ASU professor’s technology produces clean drinking water around the globe

PHOENIX – Zero Mass Water, a company created by ASU professor Cody Friesen, uses solar panel technology to produce clean water from the air for local schools and underserved communities across the globe.

Smartphones, Snapchat, Instagram transform how today’s teens bully each other

PHOENIX – Increased accessibility to Wi-Fi, cellphones and social media platforms continues to transform how teens bully one another.

Better mental health services key to reducing police-involved shootings, Phoenix police say

PHOENIX – Phoenix police blame a growing number of 911 calls involving people with mental health issues for a spike in officer-involved shootings.

Advocates work to slow the revolving door of repeat prisoners

TEMPE – Criminal justice officials and community members at an Arizona Town Hall session discussed ways to reform the state’s broken criminal justice system.

prison cell block and bars

Arizona vigil for New Zealand victims wields love to overcome hate, terrorism

TEMPE – Hundreds gathered at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe Saturday night to hear lawmakers, civil rights activists and local leaders of faith organizations voice their support for the Muslim community in wake of the New Zealand terrorist attack.

As e-cigarette use climbs, schools address the problem with vape detectors and information

PHOENIX – As vaping grows, raising health and addiction concerns, Arizona schools are installing vape detectors in bathrooms and bringing in addiction experts to educate students. State lawmakers also are trying to regulate the growing industry.

Find a lawyer: Arizona Bar’s online site matches clients, attorneys

PHOENIX – People can post their legal needs on the State Bar of Arizona’s Find-a-Lawyer online service to seek the right attorney for their needs. The pilot program is part of national trend to simplify the process of hiring an attorney to settle disputes.

‘Afflicted not addicted’: Chronic pain sufferers rally for access to opioids

PHOENIX – About 40 people rallied at the Arizona Capitol Tuesday to support chronic pain sufferers, who said state laws that limited opioid prescriptions to alleviate a national crisis also restrict access to people who desperately need them.

Rainy day fund, drought and teacher pay: Ducey proposes 2020 budget

PHOENIX – Gov. Doug Ducey’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2019-20 would set aside twice as much as last year for a rainy day, continue a salary hike for teachers and prepare the state for water shortages in the future.

Adults with Down syndrome are more independent, experts say, but face challenges in getting old

A new generation of adults with Down syndrome is the most independent ever, in part because of parental demands. Yet new challenges loom at the same time their world is expanding