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Not shop class: Vocational education classes now focused on technology

…other Arizona school districts. Click here for more information on the Peoria Unified High School District’s programs. Alicia Gonzales Cronkite News 2016-09-21T15:01:34+00:00 9996232c-c15c-4bf7-9159-1560862329c0 2016-09-21T15:01:34+00:00 2016-09-21T15:01:34+00:00 2016-09-20T20:58:23+00:00 yes Alicia

STEM internships give research opportunities to teens

…by Alicia Gonzales/Cronkite News) Students as young as 16 can apply for the internship, which is when Niska started. The program just celebrated its 10th anniversary last month, giving over…

Arizona 16-year-old lands perfect ACT score

…stay relaxed during the actual exam. 2 Alicia Gonzales Cronkite News 47762 Ruth Oliver is one of 24 Arizona high-school seniors out of 36,285 to receive a perfect score…

Diversity is key to senior living development in Phoenix

them,” Blake continued. “If the apartment industry relied strictly on millennials, these downtown apartments wouldn’t be built,” said Tom Simplot of the Arizona Multihousing Association. Multigenerational homes: Juanita Gonzales Gonzales