Foundation for Blind Children in Phoenix brings snow to the desert

PHOENIX – For many students at the Foundation for Blind Children in north central Phoenix, Thursday was their favorite day of the year: Snow day.

Every year, the foundation brings snow to its students. For many, it was their first time touching it.

“Most of these kids are in preschool, so they’ve never been around snow before,” said Marc Ashton, CEO for the foundation.

The day also serves as a learning activity, and foundation leaders say it’s important to expose students to as many different experiences as possible.

“They can’t look around and learn,” Ashton said. “They have to be purposefully and intentionally taught. We can’t teach them what white is. But we can teach the what snow is, and snow is white. So now they can associate white with snow, and they can make that connection.”

The Foundation for Blind Children was founded by parents in 1952 to provide more services for blind children in Phoenix, according to the group’s website.

The Arizona Coyotes and Dorn Homes funded the day. On top of the snow, therapy animals – including a pig, ponies and dogs – also made an appearance.

Kirsten Meredith watched her son, 5-year-old Kole, play with other kids his age.

“Being able to see him in interaction with his friends, it’s something that I didn’t picture for him when he was born,” Meredith said. “So it’s cool to see him experience things that typical kids experience.”

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