Cacti feel the burn of harsh Phoenix summer

PHOENIX – Even a cactus has limits.

Firefighters add drone incursions to threats faced in a wildfire

WASHINGTON - It used to be that firefighters' biggest worries in a wildfire might be unpredictable winds, rocky terrain and scorching heat. That was before the advent of affordable, readily available aerial drones.

Mesa police investigate accusations of excessive force against jaywalker

MESA – Mesa police are investigating claims two officers beat a man who was jaywalking after a video emerged of them striking him as he struggled with them on the ground.

Phoenix firefighters battle scorching heat as they fight fires, rescue hikers

PHOENIX – The call comes in. A woman is having chest pains. Four Phoenix firefighters at Station No. 30 jump onto a truck, ignoring the triple-digit temperatures, and speed to an apartment to tend to the woman sitting on her couch.