Have you been blocked by President Trump on Twitter?


Many Americans who disagree with President Donald Trump have used Twitter as a means to criticize him and his agenda.

According to a recent Reuters article, the president’s @realDonaldTrump account blocked several users who replied to refute or ridicule Trump.

Lawyers representing some of the blocked users and the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University sent a letter to the president asking him to unblock users, arguing that open criticism of a public official is protected by the First Amendment.

Cronkite News is working a story on this topic and wants to hear from Arizona Twitter users blocked by President Trump. Anybody can block anyone on Twitter, but should it be different for public officials?

We will not publish your response without your permission. A journalist from Cronkite News or the Public Insight Network may contact you for further reporting.

(Photo by Esther Vargas via Creative Commons)