Trump voters express support for president’s early actions

President Donald Trump has moved toward fulfilling campaign promises through several executive orders during his first weeks in office. (Photo courtesy the White House)

Last week, we asked Arizona supporters of President Donald Trump to share their thoughts on his presidency thus far. Here is their insight:

Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again.” Is he doing so? Why or why not?

“Yes, he is. The economic, international and social decline is so alarming that it can only go up.” – Julie Them-Manduke

“By fixing what the past three administrations have ignored. Reversing failed policies of the last three administrations.” – Hans Giesholt

“Absolutely. He is surpassing all expectations!” – Louis Cespedes

“Yes, I believe he is. I am confident in his abilities to ‘make deals’ with foreign governments. I am pleased with the ‘temporary’ (travel) ban on Muslims. I wish the protesting Democrats would see this for what it is, safety for America.” – Dawn Hartsuff

Are there any other sentiments you’d like to express about Trump’s presidency so far?

“Keep moving forward for the rest of us!” – Julie Them-Manduke

“Doing everything to Make America Great Again!” – Hans Giesholt

“Joy! And relief.” – Louis Cespedes

“His presidency so far proves that our country has no support of our country.” – Rhonda Patterson

“I feel safer already. The Dems are acting like children.” – Pat Baker

“I say, President Trump, keep to your path. Do not veer due to public scrutiny and pressure. Those of us who voted for President Trump are mightily pleased. Keep going strong!” – Dawn Hartsuff

“A+. Top tier. Will be interested to see if any other similar people like him will consider running for Congress in the near future.” – Jonny Pumma

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