What’s the big idea? Calling on innovators to get rid of Phoenix trash

Phoenix is looking for people who know how to talk trash. As in, get rid of trash.

Putting the squeeze on trash in downtown Phoenix

PHOENIX – Solar-powered trash cans placed in downtown Phoenix compact and reduce trash, spur recycling and cut down on trash collections – and may herald a new way to get rid of trash, Phoenix officials say.

Lawmakers: Obama won’t OK Grand Canyon monument before leaving

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama will leave office Friday without declaring a new 1.7 million acre national monument around the Grand Canyon, Arizona lawmakers said this week.

Confluence photo

Western mayors talk water conservation, stay mum on drought allotments

WASHINGTON - Nearly a dozen Western mayors gathered Wednesday to discuss anything and everything "water" except the region's drought contingency plan - what Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton called "the 800-pound gorilla in the room."

Orphaned mountain lion cub grows into new life at Out of Africa center

CAMP VERDE – A mountain lion cub clings to a tree high above ground, malnourished and frightened.

Wading through the yuck, researchers study wastewater sludge for public health clues

TEMPE – Pristine white lab coats hang on a wheeled rack. Handwritten measurements and equations are crammed on whiteboards. And a long line of freezers are filled with containers of super-concentrated human waste.

January 4, 2017: Sustainability Special

Cronkite News special: Protecting the environment and energy opportunities

Arizona still a power in solar power, despite other states’ gains

WASHINGTON - A month after it announced plans to develop a new solar power plant in Gila Bend, Vasari Energy was back in November to double down on its Arizona investment, expanding the plant's capacity to power more than 7,000 homes.