Trump stumps for ‘great America’ in Prescott Valley

Donald Trump speaks to a crowd in Prescott Valley, AZ, on October 4, 2016. (Photo by Bri Cossavella/ Cronkite News)

PRESCOTT VALLEY – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pounded on familiar themes that he will create jobs, stop illegal immigration and work on “fixing our inner cities” Tuesday in his sixth visit to Arizona, exhorting Arizona supporters to help him keep America rich, strong and great by electing him on Nov. 8.

“We are going to win back the White House,” Trump said.

The arena was packed with supporters, with some wearing red, white and blue shirts and hats that read, “Make America Great Again,” and “Hillary for Prison.”

At one point, Trump led the crowd in a call and response chant:

“We’re going to build a wall,” Trump said. Cupping his hand to his ear, he asked the crowd,”Who’s going to build it?”

Supporters roared back: “Mexico!”

No one mentioned Mexico leaders’ resistance to that claim, but in his 60-minute speech, Trump delivered a customary wide-range of topics, from U.S.-Mexico trade policies, to Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server to his recent endorsements.

The crowd howled every time Trump spoke about topics such as illegal immigration, jobs, repealing Obamacare and NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. During pauses, the audience screamed “Trump! Trump! Trump! USA! USA! USA!” while waving signs.

One man in the audience heckled Trump during his speech. He was escorted out of the building.

About 75 Trump protesters attended the rally. They were vastly outnumbered.

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters lined up as early as 11 a.m. Junior High and high school students as young as 14 ditched school to experience the rally.

Protestors Annette and Rich Tomshack were among the first protesters as Trump supporters started lining up three hours before the 2 p.m. before the rally.

“Trump supporters have actually spat on us and our signs,” Annette Tomshack said. “But we don’t consider stopping our protest because we’re entitled to our opinion.”

Annette and Rich Tomshack protest Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in Prescott Valley. (Photo by Bri Cossavella/Cronkite News)

Annette and Rich Tomshack protest Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in Prescott Valley. (Photo by Bri Cossavella/Cronkite News)

Four people, including three Trump supporters and one protester, were arrested, according to Sgt. Jason Kaufman, spokesman for the Prescott Valley police. There were eight medical calls, including one man for whom Trump called for medical treatment when he passed out in the crowd.

“Everything went smoothly and there very little problems,” Kaufman said. “For 20,000 people, four arrests…that’s not bad.”

Trump ended the rally repeating an exhortation he returned to throughout the rally: vote. And voting for him, he said, would be the “single greatest vote you have ever cast.”

“We have to get out and vote on Nov. 8 or else this entire rally is a waste of time,” Trump said.

And he ended with his signature sign-off, to “make America great again.”