Democrats increase Latino voter outreach in Arizona

PHOENIX – The Democratic Party in Arizona is increasing outreach to Latino voters as polls show the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump narrowing.

Phoenix Ana Abeytia, 20, is spending her evenings at Democratic Party headquarters in Phoenix calling registered voters asking them support Hillary Clinton.

“It starts with us; it starts with the young people. Without us doing something our country isn’t going to make it,” said Abeytia.

Young voters are especially critical in battleground states like Arizona where according to the Pew Research Center millennials make up nearly half of all eligible Hispanic voters. In recent weeks Hillary Clinton’s campaign has increased spending for outreach.

“We are doing a lot of Spanish radio and social media to make sure we are also trying to reach young Latinos that largely follow and get their news from other friends or other forms of information not found on TV,” said Rep Ruben Gallegos, D-Phoenix.

Clinton’s campaign is also enlisting help from young Latinos who can convince their friends to vote even if they are not eligible to cast a ballot.

“We have a lot of youth who are undocumented who cannot vote but have a lot of friends who can vote,” said Ellie Perez, 25, Outreach and Latino Vote Director for the Clinton Campaign in Arizona.

Perez is a “dreamer” herself who came to the U.S. as a child and she’s leading “Mi Sueno, Tu Voto” or my dream your vote campaign encouraging people to show up on election day and support Clinton.

“Latinos don’t vote because you tell them to. They vote with their hearts. They vote for their family and their values. And this election especially is going to prove that when the Latino vote turns out this year,” said Perez.