Gallery: Best of Rio, Aug. 17

In Copacabana a local sand-sculpture artist carved our logo onto the side of a castle. (Photo by Cronkite News)

Rio locals play footvolley, a mixture of volleyball and soccer, on Copacabana beach. (Photo by Scotty Bara/Cronkite News)

Diamara Planell Cruz goes over the bar during her vault at practice. ( Photo by Langston Fields/Cronkite News)

The Olympic Aquatic Stadium in Barra is home to all swimming and water polo events. (Photo by Scotty Bara/Cronkite News)

Cronkite News reporters are using 360 video to give the viewers a taste of Rio. (Photo by Asia Poole/Cronkite News)

At the Olympic Boulevard, tourists and locals can visit the torch during the games. (Photo by Scotty Bara/Cronkite News)

Take a look at some of the best photos taken by Cronkite News reporters on location in Rio de Janeiro covering all things related to the 2016 Olympics and the culture of Rio.