8 things Arizonans love or loathe about Donald Trump

Trump supporters wave signs during his June 18 rally. (Photo by Selena Makrides/Cronkite News)

PHOENIX — He’s a businessman who is better for American politics. He’s self-centered and unscrupulous.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, like his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton, spurs strong feelings from supporters and opponents. Here’s what some Arizona Republicans, Independents and those non-affiliated with a party had to say about the man who may become the next U.S. president. The verbatim comments, in response to a Public Insight Network query, have been lightly edited for clarity.

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‘We need a freaking border and he is the only one willing to do it’

“He has a good resume that deserves a chance, compared to all the politicians and lawyers running the nation for favors. I agree with many key issues even if I disagree on some. We need a freaking border and he is the only one willing to do it. Trade needs to be fair as well. If he makes good on just those two promises, we will be leaps and bounds from where we are.” – Louis Cespedes, Tucson

‘He has no self-control’

“I was finally forced to register as an Independent when I realized that the GOP was not going to be supporting things important to me, like good foreign relations and proper funding for education. I think Mr. Trump is exactly at the bottom of the slippery slope of recent Republican choices, and nobody should be too surprised that he is the nominee. He has no self-control and is very likely to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and get Americans killed, whether at home or abroad. We are fortunate that he probably can’t get too many of his ideas through Congress, but that seems like meager comfort when contemplating a Trump presidency.” – Tammy Rauschenbach, Flagstaff

‘He is an outsider and a businessman.’

“Donald Trump represents me and a lot of other people who are tired of the establishment and the Republican Party that has sold out to special interests. I was supporting Donald Trump from the beginning, and it makes me really angry to see (Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff) Flake and (Arizona Republican Sen. John) McCain and the other “never Trump” people try to defeat him and elect Hillary. He is an outsider and a businessman. He knows how to get things done. I agree with him on immigration, national security, and creating jobs. I think he will hire the right people to get things done.” – Susan Wood, Scottsdale

‘Trump is only interested in blaming all our problems on minority groups’

“I have yet to see any meaningful position on any issue. It appears that Trump is only interested in blaming all our problems on specific minority groups and his delusional idea of building a wall between the United States and Mexico while maintaining that he will make the Mexican government pay for his fantasy. His only other position appears to be one of inciting violence against anyone who disagrees with him.” – David Plummer, Phoenix

‘He will strike a balance between being brash and presidential.’

“Trump is a tough businessman who has become quite successful in not only using his skills, but through surrounding himself with successful people. I’m not as interested in his positions as I am his actions. His positions will change based on the circumstances he faces. The key is he is agile enough to make the change versus being an ideologue. I expect him to strike a balance between being brash and presidential.” – Jim Leemann, Scottsdale

‘He has no allegiance but to himself’

“Though I am an Independent, I have traditionally been much closer to the Republican Party than any other. But if Trump represents the GOP, I don’t want anything to do with them at all. Trump sports an unscrupulous, amoral, and deceptive approach to his relationships with others. He has no measure of the risk involved in implementing some of his ideas, such as leaving the World Trade Organization. He has no allegiance but to himself; the Republican Party just happens to be the vehicle of choice right now.” – Jorge Salcedo, Mesa

‘He will be the first President not purchased by special interests.’

“Mr. Trump will be the first President not purchased by the special-interest, hidden-agenda political action committees. For far too long politicians have not been elected but rather purchased with well-funded propaganda, bumper stickers and yard signs. Be assured Mr. Trump will end such massive abuse promptly because he can afford to. He will be the first President who can afford to.” – Ken Benner, Tucson

‘He is is too much a wild card.’

“He has good points but then he becomes a bully. He changes his beliefs as well. What he has said about Russia, encouraging them with the email scandal. He is too much a wild card. He doesn’t see anything wrong with filing bankruptcy. He won’t release his tax forms. Building a wall and charging Mexico, crazy. Our laws and lawmakers, that is where we need to make a change. All he does is name call. He just is too over the top.” – Sandi Thomas, Peoria

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