Arizona religious leaders offer community and support following Dallas shooting

PHOENIX — The sniper killings of Dallas police officers and the officer-involved shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile ushered in moments of grief and reflection for many across the nation, including Arizona religious leaders.

Rabbi Batsheva Appel of the Temple Emanu-El in Tucson said, “I think that all of the shootings this week are something that I’m going to end up addressing for my sermon tonight. It’s just a sad series of events. I think to some extent my congregants will expect to hear comments on it.”

Pastor Anthony Gee with the Redemption Church in Flagstaff said that he would address the topic with his congregation this weekend.

“Absolutely. We will be taking some extra time to pray and talk about it.”

Warren Stewart, Jr., the lead pastor with the Church of The Remnant in Phoenix expressed his own perspective as a faith leader and black father on Twitter:

The New City Church in Phoenix will hold a prayer service Friday evening.

And the Scottsdale Bible Church offered solidarity:

Leaders of the Islamic Center of Tucson expressed their support and prayers for the victims and their families:

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