Arizonans share their memories of Muhammad Ali

U.S. American boxer Muhammad Ali, former Cassius Clay, is surrounded by the press after arriving at Frankfurt am Main’s, West Germany, International Airport August 30, 1966. (AP Photo/Stf)

When the boxing champ and cultural icon passed away, Arizonans took to social media to share their memories of the boxing legend who lived and battled Parkinson’s disease in the Valley.

The Public Insight Network also reached out to locals. Shadow Shepherd responded to our query on remembering Ali, recalling how “kind and sweet” Ali was after meeting him at a Phoenix Suns game. “My impression of Ali and his family is and will always [be] that he was a great man in the ring and out of the ring,” she said.

We’ve spotted other Arizonans reminiscing about The Champ, including photographer Wayne Rainey, who fondly remembers photographing Ali with actor Michael J. Fox at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel.

This is what more had to say about the boxing champ: