Arizona parents and teachers: Are you worried about kids’ online activity?

Icons on an iPhone show various social-media platforms. (Photo by Jason Howie via Creative Commons)

Children and teens spend a significant chunk of their time on the Internet. What steps, if any, do you take to keep them safe online?

Now that children and teens are on summer break, they have more time to spend on one of their favorite activities: surfing the Internet. Almost all teens say they go online daily. Of those teens, 24 percent say they are online “almost constantly.”

The Internet can be a great resource for learning and discovery, but it can also be a scary place.

As a parent/teacher, Cronkite News/Arizona PBS wants to know your perspective about the pitfalls of the Internet age and what measures you take to protect your children/students online. Have you ever “digitally grounded” your child or used software intended to monitor their behavior? Has your child ever been the victim of cyberbullying or an online predator?

Share your insights below.

We will not publish your response without your permission. A journalist from Cronkite News/Arizona PBS or the Public Insight Network may contact you for further reporting.

(Homepage photo by Jason Howie via Creative Commons)