Tempe florist gives leftover V-day flowers to nonprofit devoted to domestic violence victims

Valentine’s Day is the biggest day of the year in the flower industry. But it’s important for florists to correctly estimate their sales so their product does not perish.

In most cases, flowers cost two to four times the normal price around the holiday for the florist, according to the Arizona State Florists Association.

When florists like Tempe’s God’s Garden Treasures over stock, they must decide what to do with the leftover flowers.

Founder Karin Crawford and her team prayed and asked God what to do with the blooms.

“We just like to pick a place, and usually we like to pray about it and ask God, ‘Who needs a blessing today?” Crawford said. “Who really needs an extra smile from these flowers?”

Crawford and her employees decided to give the overstock to a nonprofit group. The Fresh Start Women’s Foundation helps victims of domestic violence.

“It allows women to come into (the program) who are looking to gain those soft skills,” spokeswoman Jennifer Wagner said. “They’re put into on-the-job training where they come in for about eight hours a day, a couple times a week depending on their schedule, and they learn soft skills like how to show up for work on time and what is dress appropriate.”

One of the program’s participants, Maria Limas, has been with Fresh Start since January.
Although she didn’t receive flowers on Valentine’s Day, she said this made up for it.

Her reaction? “Unbelievable. And honored.”

Crawford said it’s worth the loss in profit to bring joy and delight in recipient’s faces.

“I’m very happy with the florist,” Limas said. “It made my day. I’m so excited. I’m going to run home and tell my girls, ‘I got flowers!'”