Cave Creek bus driver goes above and beyond for students

CAVE CREEK — Norm Rogers is not your average bus driver. As a driver in the Cave Creek School District, he goes out of his way to learn every child’s name, he greets all of his students every day and he gives back at every opportunity.

For Christmas this year, instead of giving candy or cookies, he bought 90 percent pure silver dimes minted between 1930 and 1940 for each of his students. He packaged them in a Christmas box with a special note that reads:

“The silver coin you now hold was minted long before you were born. It came into existence before or during World War II, yet here it is in your hand. It represents the past but also the future. Yes, it is from the past but if you take care of it; it will also represent the future, along with you. Like this Murcury, 90% pure silver dime, your future will be worth far more than the face value you see now. This coin is worth 14+ times its face value today. Your education is worth far more. Ten+ years from now it’s likely this time will be worth $300. A good education, if completed, will likely be worth millions. Accept this opportunity to learn, build upon it, trust what you may become and you will find success.

Please remember; With a good education, your challenges will be lighter. And with a good education, your future will be brighter. I trust in your success.”

His heartwarming message to students hit home.

“It made us feel like we have a shot in the real world,” said student Marissa.

In recognition of his gift, he was made Employee of the Month for the school district for January.