Arizona state trooper credited with finding kidnapped children

Two boys kidnapped in Louisiana were found here in Arizona, thanks to one Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper.

DPS says the children, who have been missing for several weeks, were kidnapped by their mother and an accomplice.

State Trooper Ashton Shewey stressed the importance of “if you see something say something.” He said that’s how the two individuals were apprehended. The State Trooper was called out to investigate a possible drunk driver.

“It takes one phone call to locate two out standing felons and two abducted children,” Shewey said.

Antoinette Wong and Keith Rogers, who police say kidnapped two-year-old Elijah Wong and seven-year-old Donnie Simmons, were also wanted for homicide and armed robbery.

Shewey said it was a group effort to bring them in.

“If you’re going to commit criminal activity, there’s eyes everywhere; whether you commit the crime in Louisiana or you commit the crime here,” he said. “We work very well with law enforcement agencies around the country.”

According to DPS, the boys are still in custody of the Department of Child Safety. Experts are now looking at how this will affect them emotionally.

Counselor Sandi Davis said that if the boys were present when their mom was apprehended it could be a traumatizing experience for them.

“I know its going to be important for the kids to be able have some kind of support, whether it be from community services or therapist,” Davis said.

When asked if the children seemed to be aware of what was going on, Shewey said the troopers did their best to make the kids feel comfortable and occupied.

“We had the children in the office with us, we kept them busy,” said Shewey. “Coloring, watching cartoons, we got them food. They were in a good place.”

Authorities were unable to confirm when the boys would be heading back to Louisiana. The case is now being investigated by the FBI.