Robotics students share creations at ‘Roboception’

Want to get teens interested in engineering? Host a ‘Roboception.’ It’s a reception for students show off their creations in the field of robotics.

“I think that a good robot is one that is built with teamwork,” North High School senior Evelin Villegis said. “We have so much dedication and passion for what we do and we just want people to see that and inspire other kids to come in, whatever high school they plan on doing, and pursuing some along those lines because it is really amazing to be part of a team and complete such an amazing object or machine such as a robot.”

Students from around the state of Arizona compete every year to build the best robot. Their goal is to receive a chance to compete against teams from around the world in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

“Going out to the competition and seeing your robot compete versus other robots. Cause we have worked so hard on them and once you go out there and see it,” said Villegis. “You’re like ‘wow, I was part of making that.'”

Operating these machines is one thing, but creating is something else. Designing and creating one robot takes about 6 weeks with a team of 20 and students can only use specified materials.

“Showing you what you can do with an education in robotics and science and technology (is what this event is all about),” said Alexis Tuggle, the student coordinator for ‘Roboception.’

These student robotics clubs have to build and fundraise to compete, but the knowledge they gain in the process is priceless.

“Here is our robotics team, this is what kids in high school do,” said Villegis. “Look at the skills we have learned from them. Look at the passion that we have and what we want to pursue later on.”

Many students in the robotics club hope to continue their work with robots as they head into college and advance engineering technology.