Mesa Public Library adds to the environment with a seed library

MESA – Hoping to dispel the notion that there is a “very outdated perception of libraries as stuffy places with shelves,” the Mesa Public Library has started a seed library, where patrons can use the free seeds to start a garden, according to librarian Cherise Mead.

The library has 30 varieties of seed that grow into edible produce. Becky Knutson, an active gardener, was thrilled when she found out about the seed library.

“Not only is it a great idea – not only could I get free seeds, which is wonderful. But I can also give back to the community.” Knutson said.

At the end of a growing season, patrons are encouraged to bring back the seeds that they harvested and donate them back to the seed library.

Library cardholders are allowed to take three seed packets a month.

Each individual seed card helps with the process of planting by providing information – like what season it can be planted in, when it will be ready to harvest and how much sun is needed. The seeds are changed out every season by Garden Pool, the non-profit that provides the seeds.

“We really hope to run out of seeds every season,” said Dennis McClung, president of Garden Pool. “That’s our goal. We want to start as many gardens as we can.”

Knutson has already planted a packet of seeds she took home from the library on opening day.

“I was like ‘only three? How can you choose and narrow it down to just three?'” she said. “I’ll definitely be going back next month and seeing what else I can grow.”