Brophy College Preparatory student wins journalism award

One Brophy College Preparatory student is being recognized for excellence in journalism. Reece Krantz realizes creating a newspaper is a team effort.

Krantz won the Arizona Interscholastic Press Association award for excellence in a staff editorial. Brophy College Prep’s student newspaper, the Roundup, won first place in 2015 newspaper general excellence.

“This probably one of my favorite classes to take here at Brophy,” said Krantz. “Its great to be able to represent Brophy. To win an award like that is not a solo effort.”

Krantz’s teacher, Mica Mulloy, says there is a high standard that Krantz brings to his work and even his peers recognize it.

“I think he is already doing the next level of work right now and I am fortunate for that,” said Mulloy. “He is the type of student who just does the work, I do not have to direct in what to do, he knows what to do. He gets it done and he is a really fantastic writer on top of that.”

Mulloy isn’t surprised of Krantz’s or even the newspaper’s success. The Roundup has won many awards from the A-I-P-A and its because of students like Krantz

“He is really good at looking at the bigger picture and then making decisions about what goes online, when it gets published, who he needs information from based on what is going to be good for our community,” said Mulloy.

Overall, Krantz is good at journalism because he loves what he does. As he says he is in his element.

“I do not do it for the awards, it is something I enjoy doing, its something I take as a class,” said Krantz. “I want to be here because I like the people and it’s a fun environment.”

Krantz hopes to focus on an engineering degree when he get to college, but says he will continue writing as well.