Baby goat returns safely after being taken from the Arizona State Fair

Gus Gus and Custard can be found together again at the fair’s petting zoo. (Courtesy Photo)

This morning an officer was taking down a statement at the Arizona State Fair for a kidnapping, but this wasn’t your average kidnapping. The kid in this case, was really a kid—a baby goat.

Gus Gus, a three-week-old pygmy goat from the Arizona State Fair, was taken around 5 p.m. last night. He has since been found and reunited with his mother, Custard, but this story could have had a very different ending if Gus Gus hadn’t been returned.

Emilie Owen, a manager for the Great American Petting Zoo explained, “He’s not going to live without her, he needs her milk, he’s not going to live off of milk that you get at the store.”

Owen isn’t exactly sure how the goat was snatched, but she has a pretty good idea. “So basically you would have had to scoop down, picked him up, stuffed him in your jacket or your purse and walked out.”

Workers from both the Arizona State Fair and the Great American Petting Zoo said this isn’t a normal occurrence. Karen Searle, the livestock director for the Arizona State Fair said, ” I have been in the fair industry since the late 80’s, which is a really long time and I have never heard of anything like this happening.”

Searle also said, “It boggles my mind, how someone would think its okay to take a baby from its mother.”

Owen told Cronkite News that a man walking his dog in north phoenix spotted Gus Gus wandering along a canal this afternoon. He then took the kid to a local pet smart.

Gus Gus and Custard can be found together again at the fair’s petting zoo.