Changing exchange rates bring better bargains in Mexico

With changes in the exchange rate, some travelers to Mexico are finding bargains. (Gary J. Wood via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Mexico remains among the top foreign vacation spots, with visits already up 21.5 percent from last year, according to the Bank of Mexico.

More Americans are stretching their vacation dollars in Mexico because of the peso currency exchange rate.

“The peso really worked for us being from the states,” said Robert Principe, a traveler at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

The peso has lost at least 25 percent of its value since July and that translates into more spending power for tourists with dollars.

Principe and his wife were catching a connecting flight back to Utah after traveling to Mazatlan, Mexico.

“We made an offer on a house there and we are planning on being there November through May and we’re really excited about it,” Principe said.

Mexico remains among the top foreign vacation spots for Americans with visits up 21.5 percent over last year, according to the Bank of Mexico.

“People have heard of Cancun, they’ve heard of Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. These are big names,” said Matthew Harrup, editor of Mexperience, a travel website.

Harrup runs the website from his home in Mexico City. He says tourists can save more by venturing away from popular resort areas to visit shops and local restaurants.

“There are lots of places in Mexico which are off the beaten track and just don’t get enough attention.”

Flights, hotel chains, and all-inclusive resorts are typically priced in dollars.
Some vacation spots in Mexico also raise prices in pesos to compensate for currency fluctuations. So far that have not happened in many parts of Mexico.

“So in that sense, Mexico really has become a good value destination.”