Groups work to help Puerto Ricans recover after Hurricane Maria

CANOVANAS, Puerto Rico – Public and private groups traveled to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to help with cleanup efforts and assist residents.


Months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico still struggles with power. Arizona Public Service Co., the state’s largest electric company, sent a second crew of volunteer linemen to help the island in the most difficult locations remote and rural areas.

National Guard

The National Guard hosted a medical event to help residents of Canovanas, who were struggling with power and supplies. Col. Peter Polanco said these events have assisted thousands of people, and officials have held about 12 to 15 events a month since Hurricane Maria.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides supplies and building materials to help people make repairs and move back into their homes. The Voluntary Agencies Leading and Organizing Repair program brings together voluntary agencies to use those materials and make the necessary repairs.

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