Voices in protest: Community speaks out about gun violence

The Parkland, Florida school shooting has spurred rallies, school walkouts and a national conversation about guns. Cronkite News spoke to protesters at a rally at the Arizona state Capitol on Wednesday, the one-month anniversary of the shooting.

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Christiana Warren
Senior, 18
Mountain View High School

“…I’m tired of going to school and being afraid…”

Molly Jimmerson
Senior, 18
Anthem Preparatory Academy

“…I’m a survivor of gun violence…”

Caren Teves
Mother, Phoenix

“…My son Alex Teves was killed in the Aurora Shootings…”

Toni St. John
Sophomore, 15
Hamilton High School

“…they know that we have a voice…”

Ceyanna Trehern
Middle school teacher, 22

“…it’s pretty heartbreaking to have a student ask you when you’re going to do a lockdown drill in case there’s a shooter…”

Jordan Harb
Junior, 17
Mountain View High School

“…if we can’t talk after a school shooting, when can we because the next one is right around the corner…”

Rep. Isela Blanc
Democrat representing Tempe

“…this should be sending us all a message…”

Beyonce Brooks
Junior, 17
Millennium High School

“…people are killing off tomorrow like there’s no today…”

Catherine Broski
Sophomore, 16
Millennium High School

“…we’re not just silly kids…”

Dawn Motley
Senior, 17
Mountain View High School

“…we should remember that it’s not just Republican or Democrat…”

Polo Espinoza
Sophomore, 16
Mountain View High School

“…there should be more regulations with guns…”

Natalia Parraz
Senior, 18
Chaparral High School

“…the adults right now who are supposed to be making decisions regarding my life are not doing what they’re supposed to be doing…”

Ethan Buhrow
Freshman, 18
Arizona State University

“…the kids in Parkland have definitely sparked a movement…”

Lindsay Schawelson
Senior, 18
Desert Mountain High School

“…even if it doesn’t change their mind, at least we got out and tried…”

Jamie Horowitz
Senior, 18
Pinnacle High School

“…we would talk about who would jump in front of a bullet for who…”

Cronkite News reporter Fortesa Latifi contributed to this report.

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