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Hundreds rally as Supreme Court weighs Obamacare contraceptive mandate

WASHINGTON - Protesters gathered at the Supreme Court Wednesday - one side dancing to Lady Gaga and the other singing hymns - while justices considered whether religious groups can be required to provide contraceptives to employees under Obamacare.

Phoenix teen brings story to panel weighing access to life-saving drugs

WASHINGTON - When his family moved from Phoenix to London so he could get treatment for a potentially deadly form of cancer, Brophy College Preparatory student Diego Morris said they were "not looking for guarantees - just hope."

Report: Gay rights gain but Arizona, other states, still fall short

WASHINGTON - It's been a good couple of years for LGBT rights in America, with the Pentagon allowing gays to serve openly in the military and the Supreme Court declaring same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional.

Making the robo-call: Panel asks how ‘human’ we want robots to be

WASHINGTON - Arizona State University Professor Lance Gharavi says his work with robots in the School of Earth and Space Exploration is aimed at moving toward "robot autonomy."

Smart 911 gives Tempe residents an opportunity to speed up first response time

The Tempe Police Department is one of the few police departments in the state that has implemented the Smart 911 program. The program allows Tempe residents to share more information about themselves and their families with law enforcement in order to make the first response process more efficient in an emergency.

Dignity Health promotes less smartphone usage, more conversation

What's the first thing you do in the morning?

Experience Interfaith event draws record crowd to Valley

The Arizona Interfaith Movement's annual Experience Interfaith event, inspired by 9/11, helps various faiths communicate and better understand their points of view.

Drill trains emergency responders in case of massive earthquake

The Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, also knowns as DEMA, tested statewide agencies in an earthquake drill simulating a 7.0 earthquake north of Paulden in Yavapai County on Wednesday.

Craigslist fraud plagues Phoenix residents

Craigslist fraud continues to plague online buyers and law enforcement in the Phoenix area, according to local authorities.

State trooper still recovering from injuries after stopping a wrong-way driver

Jeremy Barr, an Arizona state trooper, risked his life last August by stopping a wrong-way driver, resulting in injuries that he is still recovering from today. According to Barr, wrong-way driving is a growing threat to people nationwide.

Maricopa County Superior Court program expands access to services

The AmeriCorps PACS program plans to recruit undergraduate students across Maricopa County to help litigants who will represent themselves in court.

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Republican debate: What do Arizonans want to hear?

A preview of the Republican debates and some of the hot topics -- including immigration -- that Arizonans want to hear about.