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‘Super-predator’ legacy: How children end up in the adult justice system

Tens of thousands of kids are prosecuted as adults each year, and some serve out their sentences in adult prisons.

Water from air: ASU professor’s technology produces clean drinking water around the globe

PHOENIX – Zero Mass Water, a company created by ASU professor Cody Friesen, uses solar panel technology to produce clean water from the air for local schools and underserved communities across the globe.

‘You can’t trust adults’: Mountain Pointe scandal raises questions about win at all costs culture

CHANDLER – An assistant football coach's decision to leak game plans to opposing coaches raises questions about the culture of sports.

‘The stars came out’: Drogba helps send Phoenix Rising into title game

IRVINE, Calif. -- Phoenix Rising FC invaded Orange County and painted it red. The team is headed to the United Soccer League title game after beating OCSC Saturday night.

Scottsdale app eases finding baby sitter, furthers evolution of location-based apps

ZipSit, an app headquartered in Scottsdale, connects babysitter and parents, the latest in a technology trend that connects strangers to make life easier.

Gene therapy targets incurable diseases, but costs are high and there are risks

Gene therapy, which modifies genes, is starting to get off the ground and its treatments can cure or mitigate otherwise untreatable diseases.

Domestic abuse is the new realm of concussion studies

Football and other sports have been focus of discussions about brain injury, but experts are also looking to address the needs of domestic abuse victims.


Doctors’ lack of awareness of Valley fever puts many sufferers at risk

Valley fever, a respiratory disease caused by a fungus in Arizona and parts of California, is unknown to many doctors and residents in Arizona, which puts them at risk, experts say.

Tech behind cryptocurrency craze could disrupt medicine, housing and ID security

Experts say blockchain, the network behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, could ease people's lives by transforming how they store and share medical, legal and personal data.

17 lives, 17 minutes: Students rally, walk out of schools to mark one month since the Parkland shooting

Students are gathering at the Arizona Capitol, walk out of schools across the state and nation to protest gun violence.

No sweat in esports, but plenty of mental rigor, cosplay fans and money

Esports, or video gaming competitions, is surging on campuses and in professional leagues, offering scholarships and prizes reaching $20 million.

Virtual reality arcades entertain with immersive games

Virtual reality arcades are coming to the Phoenix area as the technology and industry grow.