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What we learned: Reflections on El Paso-Juárez from the Borderlands team

Editor’s note: Recently, a group of Cronkite reporters for the Borderlands program spent a week covering Pope Francis' visit to the border. In the end, the story became more than just about the pope. The reporters were among the few, if not the only student reporters, who covered the story from El Paso and Juárez, one of the biggest border communities in the world, from both sides. Here's an essay with their reflections:

Growing Arizona wild burro population threatening native wildlife

YUMA — The thousands of wild burros that roam the vast Arizona landscape, more than any other state, are beloved by out of state visitors and locals alike.

Police and military prevalent day before Francis’ visit to Ciudad Juárez

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico — The amount of law enforcement present around Ciudad Juárez the day before Pope Francis arrives feels overwhelming, even to a local.

Alcohol sales shut down as Pope Francis approaches Ciudad Juárez

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico — Not everyone in Ciudad Juárez may be Catholic, but for the next few hours, everyone will have to make some peculiar accommodations.

Phoenix couple rejoices at opportunity to attend final Papal Mass in Mexico

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, MEXICO -- Pope Francis' final Mass in Mexico on Wednesday will be a watershed moment not just for this bruised city but for its native sons and daughters, including those who left but never stopped believing.

Hello Kitty food truck draws lines of fans to Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE – Hello Kitty baked goods and merchandise rolled into town on a nationally popular food truck this weekend. Hundreds of fans arrived bright and early to claim a spot at the front of the line.

Hello Kitty fans photo

U.S. Supreme Court becomes a court divided after death of Justice Antonin Scalia

The death of Antonin Scalia, the U.S. Supreme Court’s most conservative justice, has moved the court to the left, an Arizona law professor said Monday.

As Pope nears Ciudad Juárez, workers race to finish Mass stage

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico — The sights and sounds at the stage for Pope Francis' Wednesday Mass on the border are an assortment of what comes with hurried construction.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: ‘I’d like to meet with the pope and I have no concern about going to Mexico’

Pope Francis’ first visit to Mexico is being marked as a symbolic occasion, with Francis visiting some of the areas struck hardest by the country’s drug violence and poverty.

Burmese refugee family overcomes obstacles, finds success

The so-called Canyon Corridor is home to one of the fastest-growing communities from half a world away. Meet the Burmese.

How the aerospace industry impacts Arizona’s economy

MESA – The world’s premier attack helicopter is made only in Mesa, and it’s one of the many reasons Arizona ranks fourth in the nation in employment for aerospace and defense manufacturing.

‘Mini’ pigs grow far beyond owners’ expectations, breeders’ claims as Arizona sanctuary fills

MARANA — Oatis the piglet was smaller than Bryanna Tinsley’s head when she purchased and shipped him from Texas. Tinsley said the pig now weighs about 120 pounds.

Mini Pig photo