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On eve of primary, officials confident election systems are secure

WASHINGTON - Arizona elections officials say they are confident in the security of the state's election infrastructure, after two years of working on the problem and the infusion of millions in federal funding to bolster security.

Arizona business leader hopeful as U.S., Mexico agree on NAFTA update

WASHINGTON - Few details were released, but one Arizona business leader said the mere fact that the U.S. and Mexico unveiled a trade agreement Monday should "calm concerns" over the future of NAFTA after President Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced a tentative deal.

Kombucha couture: Valley designer looks to grow her own clothing

TEMPE - Arizona designer, entrepreneur and professor Galina Mihaleva is merging biology, technology and fashion in her most innovative and sustainable idea yet - kombucha couture, fashion designed from a sustainable textile.