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Lack of trust in law enforcement hinders reporting of LGBTQ crimes

Violent crimes and other hate incidents against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans are consistently not reported and prosecuted because of chronic distrust between the LGBTQ community and police.

Ethics panel moves ahead on probe of Schweikert office finances

WASHINGTON - The House Ethics Committee said Thursday it is moving ahead with its investigation of Rep. David Schweikert and his chief of staff for possible misuse of office funds and improper campaign contributions - a move the Fountain Hills Republican said he asked for to clear the air.

Ethics panel confirms Schweikert probe; supporters rush to his defense

WASHINGTON - The House Ethics Committee confirmed that the Office of Congressional Ethics has referred an investigation of Rep. David Schweikert, R-Fountain Hills, and a legislative aide, reportedly over campaign consulting payments to the office chief of staff.

Court proceedings continue after arrests of No More Deaths volunteers

Since the arrest of nine No More Deaths volunteers, the tension between the advocacy group, Border Patrol, and the desert land management along the U.S.-Mexico border has turned No More Deaths' 15-year winning streak in court now on its head.