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Too many deals will make drought plan unworkable, Ducey warns

PHOENIX – Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has written an op-ed outlining some requirements he has for Arizona’s internal deal on drought. It came two days ahead of an important meeting of the board of the agency that runs the Central Arizona Project canal system.

Hunters help safeguard Arizona’s deer and elk from chronic wasting disease

GREER – Hunters and Arizona Game & Fish workers are continuing the long fight to keep Arizona’s deer and elk safe from chronic wasting disease.

Battles over Props 127, 305 and Senate seat, with last-minute push for voters

PHOENIX – As voters head to the polls on Election Day, Maricopa County elections officials are pledging problem-free voting and election advocates are making a final push among Latinos and other residents. Newcomer candidates clamoring for votes include teachers and Native American women.

Down in the mud: Arizona researchers probe seabed for clues about monsoons

TUCSON – Geologists at the University of Arizona have recently linked mud from the deep sea to the North American monsoon.

Grand Canyon gap: Arizona national parks need $531 million to fix roads, buildings

GRAND CANYON – Arizona national parks and monuments need $531 million to maintain hundreds of roads and buildings. But budget problems put that on hold in Arizona and across the U.S.

Western wildfires will increase because of climate change, UA researchers say

VENTURA, Calif. – In the past year, California has seen two of its largest wildfires in state history. University of Arizona professor, Don Falk, projects the West will see an increase in area burned by these wildfires within the next two decades.

Trump plan to boost Western water by easing rules worries advocates

WASHINGTON - The White House released a plan Friday that it said would improve water reliability and availability in the West by streamlining regulatory processes and conducting expedited reviews on water projects - a proposal that environmentalists said they were "sure it's a bad idea."

Trump rallies Mesa crowd to support Republican McSally in tight Senate race

MESA – President Donald Trump told a crowd of thousands in a Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport hangar Friday night that a vote for U.S. Senate candidate Martha McSally would be the "second-best vote you ever cast." The greatest vote was for him, he said.

Hurricane tag team of Rosa and Sergio set rainfall records for October

PHOENIX – After remnants from two tropical systems strike Arizona, Phoenix set a new rainfall record for October.

Suns’ Deandre Ayton to begin NBA career against friend and rival Luka Doncic

PHOENIX – Rookies Deandre Ayton of the Phoenix Suns and Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks begin their NBA careers against each other Wednesday in Phoenix. Their may be a discussion between the two about a ping pong game.

The cost of drought: Less water from Lake Mead in 2020, higher rates for consumers

LAKE MEAD – Access to one-seventh of Arizona’s share of water from Lake Mead could evaporate by 2020 if drought if lake water levels continue to drop. And that could cost consumers.

Treatment plant battles leaking sewage pipe, heavy metals that kill key microbes

NOGALES – A 70-year-old pipe that brings wastewater from Mexico to the U.S. is causing concerns for health and the environment.