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Native nations with scarce internet are building their own broadband networks

Native nations have historically lagged in high-speed internet access, which became even more apparent in the COVID-19 pandemic. So some tribes, such as the Hopi, have taken the matter into their own hands by building their own high-speed networks.

ABOR clarifies UA budget shortfall, says athletics responsible for $35 million of $140 million deficit

TEMPE – Although the University of Arizona’s budget shortfall is closer to $140 million than the $240 million previously reported, the school is prepared to undergo sweeping changes in budget and oversight, including addressing the $35 million shortfall for which the athletic department is responsible.

John Arnold, the executive director of the Arizona Board of Regents, speaks to the board about the financial challenges facing the University of Arizona. (Photo by Bennett Silvyn/Cronkite News)

Stealing the show: Frankie Collins’ defensive mastery anchors ASU men’s basketball

TEMPE – Known for his exceptional swiping ability, Collins not only bolsters ASU's defensive strategy but also fosters discipline and leadership in the Sun Devils’ pursuit of the Pac-12 crown.

ASU guard Frankie Collins brings intensity on offense and defense to help position the Sun Devils for the No. 1 seed in Pac-12 play. (Photo by Bennett Silvyn/Cronkite News)

GOP lawmakers renew push to ban DEI programs in state-funded institutions

PHOENIX - GOP legislators are trying again to ban diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at state-funded institutions, saying it "divides communities and dehumanizes human beings." Democrats argued just the opposite, saying DEI promotes inclusion and can be an asset,

‘We’re not just numbers, we’re not robots, we’re people’: Workers at Sky Harbor strike over job conditions

PHOENIX – SSP America employees at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport are on strike in hopes of obtaining safer and more equitable working conditions. UNITE HERE Local 11 filed unfair labor practice and discrimination charges against SSP America.

SSP America workers go on strike on Jan. 23, 2024, at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in protest of late paychecks and poor labor conditions. (Photo by Marnie Jordan/Cronkite News)

NCAA president: Social media harassment of college athletes a growing problem because of sports gambling

PHOENIX – The NCAA Convention welcomed representatives from all over the country this week at the Phoenix Convention Center. In a featured session, sports gambling and its consequences were one of the main stories and offered a preview of the NCAA’s new campaign in March.

At the annual NCAA Convention in Phoenix, panel discussions focus on the rising dangers of sports gambling and unveil a plan to protect athletes and bettors from potential abuse and addiction. (Photo by Jesse Brawders/Cronkite News)

Navajo president calls for new VA medical, benefits centers at House hearing

WASHINGTON - Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren called on lawmakers Thursday to put Veterans Affairs medical and benefits centers on the reservation to help deliver services that he said Indigenous veterans have earned but often cannot access.

‘We are survivors:’ National, Arizona projects aim to uncover, preserve histories of Native American boarding schools

PHOENIX – The Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative launched an oral history project documenting the traumatic experiences of Indigenous children in the federal boarding school system. Local preservation efforts have already delved into Arizona’s history of boarding schools and resulting generational trauma.

Trophies, a letterman jacket and images of early Native American history in the visitor center of Phoenix Indian School at what is now Steele Indian School Park. (Photo by Ellie Willard/Cronkite News)

New and upgraded health care facilities for Native Americans open in Arizona

PHOENIX – Several new and upgraded health facilities for Native Americans opened in Arizona this year and the Navajo Nation is working to improve the nursing shortage in rural communities.

Americans cross the US-Mexico border for more affordable IVF treatment

YUMA – Cristina Yanez and her husband, Alex, spent eight years trying to conceive a child, but they were always met with disappointment. That’s when the Yuma couple turned to IVF options in Mexico. Now, they’re parents of three boys.

A Dr. Cigüeña staff member prepares Cristina Yanez for the transfer of embryos on Aug. 27, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Cristina Yanez)

Montezuma Castle among Arizona national park sites combating vandalism

PHOENIX – In March, Montezuma Castle National Monument used burlap to cover the bark of six Arizona sycamore trees that had been vandalized along public trails. Vandalism has been an ongoing issue at Arizona’s national park sites.

National Park Service employees at Montezuma Castle National Monument wrap an Arizona sycamore tree with burlap. (Photo courtesy Montezuma Castle National Monument)

Numbers game: Experts disagree on economic impact of 2023 Super Bowl in Arizona

PHOENIX – The 2023 Super Bowl Host Committee announced $726.1 million in contributions to Arizona’s Gross Domestic Product that were fueled by Glendale hosting the 2023 Super Bowl. Some economists question those numbers and the true impact of hosting an event of that magnitude.

Economists and experts deliberate on the actual economic repercussions of the 2023 Super Bowl at Glendale's State Farm Stadium. (Photo by Griffin Greenberg/Cronkite News)