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Showdown on the Rez: ASU women’s basketball trip rewarding for all

FORT DEFIANCE – Arizona State women’s basketball brought the game of basketball to the Navajo people.

Arizona lacks vehicle idling regulations, encourages voluntary action

FLAGSTAFF – Although Flagstaff launched an anti-idling initiative, the city and Maricopa County lack vehicle idling regulations.

Latino voter turnout likely to rise, driven by immigration, health care

WASHINGTON - Just under a half-million Latino voters are expected to go to the polls in Arizona this fall, a 33 percent increase from the 2014 midterm elections that reflects growing numbers and hot-button issues like immigration and health care, according to a new report.

Proposition 305: Should Arizona expand state’s school voucher program?

PHOENIX – Proposition 305 would expand the state’s school voucher program. Proponents say it would mean more school choice. Opponents say it would redirect public education money to religious and other private schools.

Top of his class: As Cardinals struggle, Rosen makes mark among rookie QBs

TEMPE – Despite the Arizona Cardinals starting 0-4, rookie quarterback Josh Rosen has created a buzz and posted even better numbers than his elite peers in Week Four of the NFL season.

New Trump plan would restrict green cards for immigrants who use public funds

PHOENIX – After the Trump administration announced potential new rules on public assistance for legal immigrants, lawyers and advocacy groups are advising immigrant families to seek legal counsel.

Arizona’s first malt house saves water and supports local breweries

CAMP VERDE – Sinagua Malt, a sustainability focused startup, makes conserving water economically viable for Camp Verde farmers.

Helium producer leases land near Petrified Forest; environmentalists worry about harm to animals, water

A Canadian energy company plans to use newly acquired leases to expand its exploration for helium in northeastern Arizona. Environmentalists fear that could harm water supplies and endangered species, such as the yellow-billed cuckoo, that live nearby.

Advocates urge Brnovich to pull out of states’ challenge to Obamacare

WASHINGTON - Health care advocates urged Attorney General Mark Brnovich to pull Arizona out of a multistate lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, saying the court case could deny coverage to vulnerable state residents.

Environmentalists want Glen Canyon Dam removed, but is that possible?

Thousands of tons of concrete changed the Colorado River forever when the Glen Canyon dam was built. We look at the history and the role for the next generation

Court: Former Arizona broadcaster owes millions in taxes on sale

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court ruled that the former owners of an Arizona broadcasting company owe $15 million in taxes on the 2001 sale of their business, saying part of the sale had "no legitimate economic purpose ... other than to avoid paying the taxes."

Border Patrol official says Guard deployment has had ‘tremendous value’

WASHINGTON - The chief of the U.S. Border Patrol's Tucson sector told a lawmakers that the deployment of more than 600 National Guard troops to Arizona's border has had "tremendous value" for border agents, but critics said the troops are being "misspent on political show."