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Face-off: Protesters show up at ‘Pro-America’ rally in Phoenix park

A Make America Great Again rally was held at Cactus Park to show support for President Donald Trump's conservative agenda, while Antifa protesters showed up as well.

Crime victims tell lawmakers, toughen immigration before saving DACA

WASHINGTON - A Mesa woman whose son was killed by an undocumented immigrant in a 2014 drunken driving accident was in Washington to tell lawmakers that border security and immigration enforcement must come before any "amnesty" bills.

New solar panel tariffs will be felt by Arizona companies, consumers

WASHINGTON - New tariffs imposed Tuesday by the Trump administration on imported solar products will benefit domestic manufacturers, but could hit consumers and other parts of the solar energy industry hard, experts said.

Furloughed federal workers feel like ‘pawns’ in shutdown fight

WASHINGTON - More than 55,000 federal workers in Arizona will be back on the job Tuesday, after Congress ended a three-day government shutdown. But workers worry they could soon be right back in the same situation.

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Agents tell panel it will take more than a wall to fully secure border

WASHINGTON - Frontline border agents told a House panel that a wall is just one thing needed to secure the border, saying they also need better technology, more officers and better incentives to attract and keep agents.

Tree thinning tackles Ponderosa pines to lessen Coconino wildfire danger

PHOENIX - After a season marked by catastrophic wildfires in the West, government forestry and conservation leaders in Arizona have accelerated a tree-thinning program in the Coconino National Forest.

Hunters may be solution to reducing destructive bison herd at Grand Canyon

GRAND CANYON – A spring used to rush through a hillside on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, nourishing bats, mule deer and other wildlife — that is, until bison trampled the watering hole into a mud puddle.


From naps to Disney music, pregame rituals part of Valley high school football scene

PHOENIX -- Marshawn Lynch eats Skittles and Cam Newton wears special shoes. NFL players, however, aren’t the only ones with pregame rituals.

On heels of FBI corruption scandal, questions surround Arizona program, Sean Miller

PHOENIX -- On the heels of the FBI’s three-year investigation of a college basketball corruption scandal, questions about the state of Arizona’s program and the impact it will have on coach Sean Miller remain.

A collection of autism resources in Arizona

PHOENIX — Workforce opportunities, scholarship aid for education, therapeutic methods, sports opportunities and more. The Cronkite News team has put together a collection of stories that highlight some of Arizona's resources that aid the autism community.

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Trump threatens shutdown over border wall funding

PHOENIX — While visiting Phoenix last week, President Donald Trump threatened to shut down the government in order to pressure congress into funding his proposed border wall. It was one of his main campaign promises and one he’s made clear he intends to keep.

Family proposes new law to regulate bouncers after death of Valley firefighter

PHOENIX – After a nightclub bouncer was charged with second-degree murder in the death of a Daisy Mountain firefighter, his widow and other family members are advocating for a law to regulate bouncers.