Xavier Johnson
Xavier Johnson ex-ZAY-vee-er (he/him/his)
Sports Reporter, Phoenix

Xavier Johnson expects to graduate in spring 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Johnson, who reports for Dot Esports, is working for the Phoenix sports bureau.

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Going pro in esports? ASU Valorant players eye turning professional

PHOENIX – The college-to-pro pipeline for esports players isn’t as clear as their NCAA counterparts. For players on the ASU Esports Valorant team, their dreams of going professional are undeterred by this lack of clarity.

ASU’s Esports Overwatch squad receives coaching session from former LA Gladiators’ David ‘Dpei’ Pei

PHOENIX – The ASU Overwatch team, which is undergoing a transition year, recently attended a coaching session with professional Overwatch coach David “Dpei” Pei.

ASU Esports brings gaming community together with first LAN of semester

TEMPE – With the community largely pushed online over the past two years, ASU Esports holds the first LAN meetup of the spring semester. Gamers from different backgrounds meet up to socialize and compete.

Brandon Courtney aims for individual title as ASU wrestlers head to NCAA championships

TEMPE – The Sun Devils won six individual wrestling titles at the Pac-12 Championships. After winning its third straight title, the team heads to the 2022 Men’s NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships with seven wrestlers qualifying.

Speedrunning: College League of Legends tiebreaker system raises question of fairness

PHOENIX – Top-ranked collegiate League of Legends often breeze through the first few weeks of their season against mismatched competition because tiebreaker rules incentivize “speedrunning.” College League of Legends coaches say neither winners or losers benefit.