Luke Vickery
Luke Vickery luke vick-er-ee (he/him/his)
Weather Innovation Squad

Luke Vickery expects to graduate in spring 2023 with bachelor’s degrees in journalism and and meteorology. Vickery has been a weather intern at KMBC-TV in Kansas City, Missouri, and is assigned to the Phoenix news bureau weather innovation team.

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Clouds may steal the sunshine on Super Bowl Sunday

PHOENIX – Signs of the Super Bowl coat the streets of the Phoenix metro area. But despite Phoenix’s sunny reputation, there's a chance travelers will have to deal with rain for the big game.

The State Farm Stadium roof in Glendale will likely be open for Super Bowl LVII, pending weather conditions. (Photo by Dylan Nichols/Cronkite News)

Combating hate and blame: LGBTQ activists fight stigma around monkeypox

PHOENIX – LGBTQ activists in Arizona are stepping up efforts to fight stigma and intolerance amid a global outbreak of monkeypox – even as they work to get more people vaccinated against the viral disease.

Buffelgrass: The scourge of the Sonoran Desert is here to stay

PHOENIX — Buffelgrass is here to stay, but experts and volunteers alike said they are getting a better handle on managing it in the Sonoran Desert. This highly invasive weed fills in the natural gaps between native desert plants like saguaros, threatening their survival and increasing the risk of wildfire damage. As wildfire seasons continue to expand, getting buffelgrass under control becomes increasingly important.

Scottsdale asks residents to curb water use

Scottsdale is one of the first Arizona municipalities to ask residents to voluntarily cut water by 5% in anticipation of cuts in water from the overtaxed Colorado River.