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Hate crimes involving anti-Semitism on the rise in Arizona

PHOENIX - A woman woke up one morning and found the menorah adorning her yard had been twisted into a symbol of hate overnight: a swastika.

Anti-Semetic hate vandalism

As border wall prototype construction starts, Arizona geographer speaks up

PHOENIX - Leaving behind violence and poverty, a Central American family travels thousands of miles by foot, train, and bus. Once they finally arrive at the U.S. border, they have one more difficult decision to make: carry a bag full of marijuana and cross the desert with some help, or risk their life and cross alone.

Border Patrol

Valley Venezuelans react after country is included in Trump’s latest travel ban

PHOENIX - Until recently, President Donald Trump’s travel bans included countries where primarily the Muslim religion was dominant. That changed, however, over the weekend, when he included two new countries: North Korea and Venezuela.

President of Venezuela

A collection of autism resources in Arizona

PHOENIX — Workforce opportunities, scholarship aid for education, therapeutic methods, sports opportunities and more. The Cronkite News team has put together a collection of stories that highlight some of Arizona's resources that aid the autism community.

Kaycee's Dog

‘Más,’ the play about the ethnic studies ban in Tucson, premieres in Phoenix

PHOENIX - A circle of yellow cempasúchil flowers. An altar with books and candles. A religious portrait. A basket in the middle. All symbolic elements the Mexican culture uses to honor and represent death.

People and books

New ASU dorm features Amazon Echo Dots, other new tech to create ‘engineering mindset’

TEMPE – The typical college dorm doesn't have 3-D printers, laser cutters and Bluetooth-enabled washers and dryers on-site. But the new Tooker House on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus touts the kind of technology and innovation the students living there hope to one day create.

Tooker House

DREAMers consider risk of ICE using personal information against them

PHOENIX — Adonias Arevalo, an organizer with the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, looked directly at his audience during the community meeting and asked a question: “How are you feeling today?”

DACA march

Economist: Lack of postsecondary education will hurt US economy

SCOTTSDALE – What’s the biggest threat to the future of the United States economy? Former White House economic advisor Todd Buchholz said it’s not global warming or the debt – it’s the lack of postsecondary education.

Trump deals with Democrats and DREAMers decide whether to believe

PHOENIX — “It’s like another board game for them. Both the Democrats and the Trump administration. It’s always a game and they’re gambling with our lives,” Francisco Luna said.

Community leaders and organizations team up to collect funds for DACA renewals

PHOENIX - Local organizations, community leaders and immigration attorneys are teaming up to give donations, organize fundraising events and offer free legal services for the DACA recipients who have less than a month to apply for renewals.

Woman with son

As Democrats announce deal, Trump tweets, DREAMers and advocates react

PHOENIX — In a case that seems to be about he said/she said/he said, one thing is for sure: DREAMers say they are still not clear on the potential future of the program that allows them to stay in the United States.

Karina Ruiz

South Phoenix hopes light rail extension will bring end to historic segregation

PHOENIX - Tall corporate buildings, brand new modern apartment complexes and fancy restaurants compose most of Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix. However, just a few miles down, south of Salt River, it’s a different story. Small, family-owned businesses, abandoned buildings and empty lots become the scenery.

Street sign