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Water thieves, beware: This Colorado ‘water cop’ is on the case

CORTEZ, Colo. – Dave Huhn is a sheriff’s deputy for Montezuma County, Colorado, a stretch of sagebrush mesas and sandstone cliffs bordering Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Unlike other local law enforcement throughout the West, Huhn specializes in the complex world of water law.

Free thinkers: Advocates tout universal basic income, despite critics

WASHINGTON - Despite reports showing rising incomes and falling poverty, advocates of universal basic income - regular govenment payments to citizens, with no preconditions and no strings attached - say it's as timely now as ever. But critics say UBI is too costly and too impractical to ever come to be.

All in a (12-hour) day’s work: Lawmakers log long hours despite gridlock

WASHINGTON - With the House on recess for August and Congress gridlocked, it's easy to think that lawmakers aren't working hard but that confuses their work product with their work ethic, said one expert, who points to a study showing House members typically work 70 hour weeks.