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House OKs plan to waive lie-detectors for some Border Patrol applicants

WASHINGTON - The House overwhelmingly voted Wednesday to waive polygraph tests for military, law enforcement and veterans applying for Border Patrol jobs, despite concerns that it could open the door to problem hires.

Pension Trap

Congress mulls military bills with fewest veteran members in decades

WASHINGTON - Since taking office in January, members of Congress have introduced nine separate pieces of legislation that deal with when and how the president should be allowed to use military force against terrorist groups abroad.

Lawmakers: Trump should make good on campaign pledge on Jerusalem

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump's first official trip overseas this week took him to the capital cities of Riyadh, Brussels, Vatican City and Tel Aviv - but some Arizona lawmakers think he went to the wrong capital city while in Israel.

Emma and Elvia: An undocumented mother’s dedication to her daughter with disabilities

Elvia Urias is an undocumented immigrant who cares for her daughter, Emma, who has severe mental disabilities. Emma, 22, is protected from deportation by DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) but now has aged out of school. She spends most of her time alone at home while her mother works evenings to provide for the two of them.

Water Hole: No running water on Navajo Nation reservation

MONUMENT VALLEY – On the outskirts of Monument Valley, touching the Arizona-Utah border, a water well is encased in a brick building behind a barb-wired fence. A few cattle graze nearby, mooing to occasionally pierce the quiet.

University of Arizona hopes new student fee for athletics can be game-changer

TUCSON — Granted, it is the offseason, but a quick glance around the Gate 2 underpass at Arizona Stadium shows the need for upgrades.

April 21, 2017: Cronkite News producer picks of the week

This week’s top Cronkite News stories include reporting on pet prosthetics, the LGBTQ homeless community, growth in the city of Buckeye and a big newsroom high five.

Coalition calls for release of Mexican journalist seeking political asylum in U.S.

PHOENIX -- As attacks against reporters in Mexico increase, a coalition of immigration lawyers and organizations that defend journalists are calling for the release of a Mexican reporter detained at the border after asking for political asylum in the United States.

Feel your temperature rising? It’s not burning love, it’s urban heat

The metropolitan area of Phoenix is known as the one of the warmest in the country, according to ASU's School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. It’s also one of the fastest growing.

Court: State doesn’t have to pay part of inmate’s suit – against state

WASHINGTON - An appeals court said Tuesday that a federal judge cannot order the state of Arizona to bear some of costs of a lawsuit brought against the state by an inmate in the state prison system.

How are President Donald Trump’s policies affecting your career?

Are you a professional adult working in Arizona? Tell us how President Donald Trump's policies are affecting your industry and which economic developments you anticipate having the greatest impact on your career.

Phoenix girl to be honored at Run To Fight Children’s Cancer race

PHOENIX - A Phoenix middle school student and cancer patient will be honored Saturday at the seventh annual Run To Fight Children’s Cancer. Emma Kerr, 12, who was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago, is returning to Ingleside Middle School after successful treatment.