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July 4 is deadliest day to drive an off-road vehicle, group warns

Off-highway vehicle riders are more susceptible to fatal accidents in July than any other time of year.

Ducey touts state drug program that aims to keep families together

WASHINGTON - Gov. Doug Ducey touted an Arizona program that aims to keep families together while parents are seeking treatment of opioid addiction, telling a Washington seminar that the SENSE program should be a model for the nation.

Officials warn that West faces another ‘challenging’ wildfire season

WASHINGTON - Federal officials warned a Senate panel that the West should prepare for another "challenging" wildfire season, particularly in the drought-ravaged Southwest, after a 2017 season that was the most expensive on record in terms of firefighting costs.

Border Patrol praises cooperation of Arizona National Guard along the border

The collaboration between the National Guard and Customs and Border Patrol as part of Operation Guardian Support has so far proved to be beneficial in the efforts to secure the Arizona-Mexico border.

Arizona, U.S. and tribal officials work to save native Apache trout from extinction

The Apache Trout are the state fish of Arizona, but they face of variety of dangers to their survival.

Supreme Court decision could open door to legalized sports betting in Arizona

As gambling has grown in popularity, anticipation is high for a Supreme Court ruling that would pave the way for more legalized sports betting. The decision, expected by late June, could open the door to legal sports gambling in Arizona.

Photo series: Entrepreneurs in their element

Our photo series highlights more than 20 metro Phoenix entrepreneurs: their triumphs and challenges, and why basing their businesses and careers in the Phoenix metropolitan area helps them thrive.

Uber self-driving cars suspended from Arizona roads; Waymo moves ahead

A day after Gov. Doug Ducey suspended self-driving Uber cars on public roads, Waymo, on Tuesday announced plans to begin ride-hailing service in metro Phoenix by the end of the year.

Maricopa County again leads nation’s counties in population growth

WASHINGTON - Maricopa County once again saw the largest population gains among the nation's counties, according to the Census Bureau, which said the county added 73,650 new residents between 2016 and 2017 to top 4.3 million residents for the first time.

Schools’ response to student walkouts varied across state, nation

WASHINGTON - High school students across the country walked out of class to demand action on school safety, but how far they walked and what they faced when they walked back in varied. In Arizona, there was no set policy on how schools should manage protesting students.

Arizona’s Miller to remain coach, calls report ‘inaccurate, false and defamatory’

Sean Miller will remain coach of the Arizona men's basketball team. He said Thursday that reports he discussed payment to a player were false.

Arizona falconry takes flight in efforts to promote conservation

A three-day Arizona Falconers Association Desert Hawking Classic showcased falconers - people who train birds of prey to hunt for sport.