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Ali’s spirit makes impact in Arizona

Muhammad Ali has fought much more than just other boxers in his lifetime. He stood up against racism, fought religious intolerance and defied the U.S. military.

Rodeo safety: ‘It’s not if you get hurt. It’s when and how bad’

Cactus League Stadium Guide

The temperatures are back in the 80s in the Valley of the Sun and with them, 15 major league teams have returned for spring training. Each of the 10 ballparks where they practice and play offer something special for fans who attend, from the delectable garlic fries imported from San Francisco to the opportunity to shag fly balls during batting practice. Cronkite News went from ballpark to ballpark and gathered a list of the must-sees and must-dos while in and around these Cactus League venues.

Parking and ticket-taking bring benefits far beyond Cactus League stadium walls

Communities that welcome teams and their fans to spring training each year love baseball. And it turns out baseball loves the communities, too.

Securing the ‘People’s Major’: Behind the efforts to keep the Phoenix Open safe

The Waste Management Phoenix Open drew more than 200,000 fans for the first time on Saturday, cementing the tournament's reputation as the "People's Major." With crowds anticipated to surpass 500,000 for the week, local and federal law enforcement use everything from metal detectors to an on-site detention center to keep the Open safe.

Super Bowl climbing wall headed to Hance Park as part of massive renovation plan

The most iconic feature of Super Bowl Central is returning downtown as part of a plan by city officials to create a “Central Park” for the city.

Super Bowl wall photo

Arizona enjoying three-year run as country’s sports mecca

It’s impossible to watch a nationally televised sporting event played in Arizona without scenic shots of a sunset behind a saguaro or the Grand Canyon in the middle of the day. The shots, ready-made for television, almost become cliché, but every big game has them.

Super Bowl Central

From cheerleading to MMA, chance for concussion is hard to eliminate

At first glance, mixed martial arts and cheerleading appear to be at the opposite ends of the safety spectrum. But they share similar concerns and protocols when it comes to concussions.

boxing ring

MLB’s pace of play changes won’t affect concession sales

During the fourth inning of the Diamondbacks game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on April 10, the line for the infamous Churro Dog ran only four deep.

Baseball concessions

MLB off to fast start thanks to pace of play rules

So far, so fast – or at least faster.