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Immigrant mom sues to be reunited with daughter taken at Arizona border

WASHINGTON - A Guatemalan woman who was separated from her 12-year-old daughter after they crossed the border near San Luis, Arizona, said she will sue the federal government in an effort to get her child back.

Victims’ families take plea to White House for stringent border laws

WASHINGTON - The separation of families at the border has sparked a firestorm of criticism, but the "Angel Families," who have lost a family member to crime committed by an immigrant, were at the White House to tell the president that separation is a small price to pay for border security.

New steel, aluminum tariffs worry Arizona firms, raise trade war fears

WASHINGTON - The Trump administration said it will let tariffs on steel and aluminum imports take effect Friday, a move that critics warned could spark a "tit-for-tat trade war" with Mexico, Canada and the European Union.

Phoenix trains apprentices to become sanitation workers

Phoenix offers the Solid Waste Equipment Operator Apprenticeship – an intensive, yearlong paid program to give prospective sanitation workers intensive training.

Arizona, Mexico officials work to make the road to Rocky Point safer

Officials say they hope a binational effort could boost tourism and safety in Rocky Point, a tourist hotspot that attracts many Arizonans.

Border towns struggle with students who live in Mexico, learn in Arizona

Experts estimate that thousands of children who live in border towns in Mexico cross the border every day and go to school in the United States.

Puerto Rico school turns adversity into strength after Hurricane Maria

The principal, teachers and parents at a Puerto Rico school rebuilt after Hurricane Maria left behind a field of fallen trees, mounds of mud, flooded classrooms and torn electrical wires.

Family struggles to care for daughter in wake of Puerto Rico power outages

A Puerto Rico couple struggles to care for Melissa Rivera, who has cerebral palsy and multiple maladies, in wake of Puerto Rico power outages.

Peanuts and Cracker Jack? Try Dutch Bros. and Portillo’s at Chase Field this season

Peanuts and Crackerjacks? Try Dutch Bros. and Portillo's at Chase Field this season. Diamondbacks expanding their dining and entertainment options.

Claims of better tribal school oversight draw lawmakers’ skepticism

WASHINGTON - A Bureau of Indian Education official told a House panel that his agency is making "strong improvements" in the oversight of tribal schools, despite a long history of problems and proposed cuts to the bureau's budget - claims greeted skeptically by lawmakers.

Gosar dismisses failed censure attempt over State of the Union tweets

WASHINGTON - Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, rebuffed House Democrats' failed attempt to censure him for tweets about undocumented immigrants at the State of the Union, calling the censure move "left-wing non-sense to silence my speech."

News of 2019 WWE Rumble has fans, including World Series star, giddy

The WWE’s Royal Rumble, coming to Phoenix in 2019, has local fans in a frenzy of excitement