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Report: Arizona among states with numerous financial complaints from older consumers

PHOENIX – Arizona ranks among the top states for financial complaints by older consumers, a consumer group said in a report released Thursday.

Wells Fargo Bank

Tiny home trend slow to grow in Arizona, but developers plan new projects

PHOENIX – Tiny housing has been a hot topic the past few years, with shows such as “Tiny House Hunters” and others appearing on HGTV and tiny house communities popping up across the country.

Arizona officials remain tight-lipped about security plans for upcoming events, but vow they’re taking precautions

PHOENIX – One local security expert called Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas an “unusual circumstance,” and it’s not something professionals would have necessarily anticipated.

Security expert

Arizona officials want tougher controls on opioid prescriptions

PHOENIX – Arizona officials on Wednesday said they want to limit doctors to prescribing no more than five days’ worth of opioids for people who haven’t already been on the powerful pain medication.


Industrial waste pollutes America’s drinking water

PHOENIX – In Ringwood, New Jersey, Ford Motor Co. dumped more than 35,000 tons of toxic paint sludge onto lands occupied for centuries by the Turtle Clan of the Ramapough Lenape tribe, poisoning groundwater with arsenic, lead and other harmful chemicals.

Industrial view

Phoenix leaders pledge to keep Trump rally safe; some schools, businesses to close early

PHOENIX – Local law enforcement leaders, school officials and businesses are bracing for President Donald Trump’s visit to Arizona on Tuesday, with public officials saying they are calmly working to avoid violent clashes between supporters and counter-protesters expected to clog downtown Phoenix.

Extreme temperatures don’t slow Arizona hikers

SCOTTSDALE- July 10, 1913, is widely regarded as the hottest day recorded in the United States. On Tuesday, temperatures in Phoenix reached 119, only 15 degrees lower than that scorching day in Death Valley, California.

Group urges opioid users to clean syringes to avoid Hepatitis C

PHOENIX – Shared syringes can lead to shared diseases among opioid users, according to a Phoenix organization determined to improve safety.

Extra credit: involved parents can improve student grades

PHOENIX – Teachers are expected to help students learn in a classroom, but parents' involvement with their children may lead to better grades.

Glendale schools closed for repairs, lead to half-day classes

GLENDALE – Two Glendale elementary schools are shut down for weeks-long repairs, leading to a leaner academic day for students not only from the closed schools but two other schools that have to take them in.

A former refugee will vote for the first time as U.S. citizen

PHOENIX - A former Somalian refugee's nearly 30-year journey to become a U.S. citizen will reach a high point when he votes for the first time in November.

Changes loom for grading Arizona schools

PHOENIX - Arizona's letter-grading system to measure how well schools are teaching students is on hold while the state school board makes changes.