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Influx of migrants, overstretched charity prompt Yuma mayor to declare a state of emergency

YUMA – 1,300 migrants have been processed through one shelter in Yuma in the past three weeks, and resources are stretched so thin that Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls is calling on the federal government to provide funding.

Arizona filmmakers spark discrimination discussion at ACLU event

PHOENIX – “You Racist, Sexist, Bigot” features the stories of Arizonans of different races, sexuality, religion, political beliefs and gender to start difficult discussions about discrimination.

Migrants dropped off by ICE outside Phoenix bus stations are left with few resources

PHOENIX – Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently released more than 100 migrants outside a Phoenix Greyhound station, with few resources.

Phoenix fashion show shines spotlight on refugees and their contributions

PHOENIX – The International Rescue Committee in Phoenix hosted a celebration of cultural diversity and unique businesses run by refugees in the valley.

Produce rescue: Nogales group feeds vulnerable communities as it fights food waste

TEMPE – A nonprofit organization in Nogales assists elderly, low-income, undocumented and disabled people in Arizona by giving them affordable fruits and vegetables.

Constitutional experts express concerns after Trump declares state of emergency

PHOENIX – President Trump declared a national state of emergency on Friday, and law experts are worried about the legality of the action as well as which statutory powers the president will seize.

Nogales demands removal of razor wire CBP added to downtown border fence

NOGALES – Nogales residents are upset at the federal government’s refusal to remove the concertina wire, saying it’s a safety hazard and a threat to the city’s economy.

Venezuelans in the Valley rally in support of Venezuela’s new opposition leader

TEMPE – The Venezuelan community in Arizona gathered to express support for Juan Guaidó and optimism for the future of Venezuela.

Senate, House take early recess as contentious midterm elections loom

WASHINGTON - The Senate left for its October recess two weeks earlier than planned Thursday, following the lead of House members who went home early to dive into their re-election campaigns as contentious midterm elections loom.

Fall elections, recess mean immigration reform chances continue to dim

WASHINGTON - After a year of squabbling on immigration reform, and despite the nudge from the president, experts say it's increasingly unlikely that anything will get done by this Congress. Just like the last several Congresses.

Voices in protest: Community speaks out about gun violence

Cronkite News spoke to protestors at a rally at the Arizona state Capitol on Wednesday, the one-month anniversary of the shooting.

House extends children’s health coverage, but Senate outlook unclear

WASHINGTON - The House Friday passed a GOP bill to extend the Children's Health Insurance Program for five years by pulling funds from other programs under Obamacare, angering Democrats who called the cuts unnecessary.