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Trouble sleeping this year? You’re not alone, Arizona researchers say

PHOENIX – In this episode of Arizona in Focus, sleep researchers explain why so many people during the COVID-19 pandemic are struggling with insomnia.

6 Arizonans discuss the impact Ruth Bader Ginsburg had on their lives

PHOENIX – Six women residing in Arizona put into words the impact of the life and career of the woman many knew as the Notorious RBG.

Biosphere 2 study: Tropical forests may be more resilient to rising temperatures than predicted

PHOENIX – Researchers discovered at Biosphere 2 near Tucson that tropical forests may be more resilient to warming temperatures than originally thought, but they are still facing other negative effects of climate change.

Youth Suicide Bios

No average Guy: Apache Junction football player remembered for drive, compassion

PHOENIX – Stage 4 melanoma took the life of Apache Junction football player Alex Guy but his legacy lives on.

Data on COVID-19’s impact on schools is available from Maricopa County

The Maricopa County Department of Public Health provides information and guidance about the spread of COVID-19 in school communities.

As Jupiter dazzles in the night sky, new research suggests its moons are warming each other

PHOENIX – A recent study at the University of Arizona helped researchers understand how “tidal heating” among Jupiter’s many moons is raising their temperatures.

After last-place finish, Diamondbacks reflect on pandemic-shortened 2020 season

Shortly after the conclusion of the 2020 season, members of the Diamondbacks organization reflected on a disappointing season and looked ahead to the offseason and 2021

Suicide hotline offers young people hope, chance to talk with peers

PHOENIX – Teens help by hotline during times of high stress.

Homeless people in rural America struggle to find help

Homeless people in rural areas are vulnerable to COVID-19 because of health disparities and lack of access to medical care. And with schools closed, homeless students struggle with food security and internet access.

Navajo leaders consider phased reopening as soon as next week

Navajo leaders said they could begin moving toward reopening in phases as early as next week, but they continued to urge caution and said the reservation’s weekend lockdown will continue for another two weeks.

San Pedro River, squeezed by growing population, is subject of two lawsuits

PHOENIX – The Sierra Club announced it has joined the Center for Biological Diversity and a number of other conservation groups in two lawsuits to protect the San Pedro River, one of the last undammed rivers in the Southwest.