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Volker steps down from State Department role, stays at McCain Institute

WASHINGTON - Kurt Volker is still serving as executive director of the McCain Institute, after resigning as U.S. special envoy for Ukraine when his name surfaced last week in a whistleblower's report on President Donald Trump's dealings with that country.

Utah rolls back hydroelectric power plans for Lake Powell pipeline

SALT LAKE CITY – The proposed 140-mile pipeline would have pumped water from Lake Powell into southeastern Utah to St. George. Utah officials are scaling the plan back because of environmental concerns.

A year later, some efforts to honor McCain move forward as others stall

WASHINGTON - Senators have added the late Sen. John McCain's name to defense and veterans bills, and one Arizona school district plans to name an elementary school in his honor, but other tributes to the longtime Arizona lawmaker appear to have stalled in the year since his death.

Dwindling groundwater, ever-deeper wells could spell trouble for Arizonans

PHOENIX – Dropping groundwater levels have prompted many states, including Arizona, to dig deeper wells.

A big deal: Just before the trade deadline, Diamondbacks ship Greinke, acquire Leake

PHOENIX – As trade deadline clock ticks, Diamondbacks trade Zack Greinke, acquire Mike Leake.

Zack Greinke

As Southwest water managers grapple with climate change, can a ‘grand bargain’ work?

GREELEY, Colo. – A temporary fix to the Colorado River's scarcity problem has turned attention to how to manage the water supply for 40 million people across the Southwest.

Salt shakers: Removing brine from river water causes earthquakes along Utah-Colorado line

MONTROSE, Colo. – The Colorado River has been dammed and diverted for massive cities and large-scale farming, which has led to all kinds of unintended consequences.

From Diamondbacks executive to GCU player, baseball a Bell family affair

PHOENIX – Luke Bell, the Diamondbacks’ 34th round draft pick, continues a baseball-led family legacy

Luke Bell

Groundwater pumping diminishes streams across the country, study finds

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Rivers and small streams across the U.S. are declining from groundwater pumping according to new research.

7-year-old girl dies crossing border; authorities blame smugglers

TUCSON – Federal agents found the body of a 7-year-old girl near the Arizona-Mexico border Wednesday morning

Unusually wet winter and spring pushes Arizona out of short-term drought

PHOENIX – The U.S. Drought Monitor has declared the 48 contiguous states free of extreme or severe drought for the first time in almost two decades.

‘These are parks’: Signs of life returning to the depleted Colorado River Delta

LAGUNA GRANDE, Mexico – Small restoration sites along the Colorado River are showing scientists and the public what the delta once looked like and the wealth of wildlife it supported.