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Millions of Americans turn to bottled water, but is it safer than tap?

Bottled water has become the No. 1 beverage choice in the U.S., but most bottled water is either spring water or purified tap water.

Police Chief Jeri Williams calls community engagement critical to success

Police Chief Jeri Williams brings ‘different hats’ to her job, including deeply-rooted ties to the city.

‘He only wanted to help’: 13-year-old brings popular charity to Sloan Park

MESA — In his first at-bat of the Game Day USA Junior All-American Games, Sam Love faced an 0-2 count with the bases loaded. Love fouled off a few before finding his money pitch.

Presidents’ fitness councils make slow progress against childhood obesity

WASHINGTON - When a study showed American youth were significantly more obese than their European peers, it shocked the president into creating a council aimed at combating the childhood obesity epidemic and increasing physical fitness throughout the country.

Three Arizona state prisons plan to add employment centers to help soon-to-be released inmates find jobs

PHOENIX – Jude Garcia spent three and half years behind bars for armed robbery and aggravated assault. He left prison with the clothes he wore when he was incarcerated, $100 and no job.

Seven wrong-way crashes on Arizona freeways in 2017

PHOENIX –Early Friday morning, a wrong-way crash on Interstate 17 near Greenway Road killed three people.

Former Homeland Security secretary addresses cybersecurity concerns

PHOENIX – Michael Chertoff, who served as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security from 2005 to 2009, said there’s a new story about hacking that “catches your attention” every day.

New questions on Arizona driver’s test promote safety at traffic stops

PHOENIX - Arizonans taking the driver’s test this spring will answer questions about how to behave during routine traffic stops in a move to improve safety for drivers and law-enforcement officers.

Scottsdale develops master plan for future uses of Civic Center Mall

SCOTTSDALE – Scottsdale officials built the city’s Civic Center in the 1960s to serve as the heart of the community’s civics and arts district. City officials have decided it’s time for an upgrade.

LOVE sculpture

Proposed Arizona law would allow students to apply sunscreen at school

PHOENIX – Phoenix is one of the sunniest cities in the United States, and yet some school districts don’t allow students to apply sunscreen while on school property without a doctor’s note or prescription.

Tempe passes ordinance regulating electric bicycles

TEMPE - Tempe City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance Thursday that implements rules for electric bicycles, which are not regulated by the state.

Scottsdale community forum seeks to build bridges with police

SCOTTSDALE – Six Valley police chiefs on Monday joined community members in Scottsdale to help bridge the gap between police and the community and discuss best practices for community policing.