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More PFAS contamination found in Tucson groundwater, but drinking water not affected

PHOENIX – High concentrations of toxic chemicals have been found in groundwater near Tucson’s airport, but the city’s drinking water does not appear to be in jeopardy. Authorities suspect the chemicals came from foam used to fight fires at an Air National Guard base.

50 grades of shade: Researchers find that it’s not all created equal

TEMPE – Scientists use information from an instrument called MaRTy to help cities like Tempe and Phoenix understand what makes for the best shade in extreme heat.

Phoenix light rail to expand with the defeat of Prop 105

PHOENIX – Voters soundly rejected Proposition 105, which would have killed Valley Metro light rail in Phoenix and redirect the funds to street repairs. They also defeated Proposition 106, dealing with public pensions.

Protesters, proponents and the cultural clash over Phoenix police

PHOENIX – Police departments have looked to technology for solutions to criticisms, such as body-worn cameras to monitor police and public behavior and early-intervention software to sniff out bad behavior. Experiments with better community engagement, including civilian review boards with subpoena power, also are being considered or field-tested. Phoenix police plan to launch accountability procedures to document every time an officer draws a gun.

Making a home for fish in the desert takes a little help – and a lot of PVC

RIO VERDE – The Arizona Game & Fish Department is making “fish cities” to help fish that live in lakes around the state.

Monsters, pinball and improv: 3 ways to find your niche in metro Phoenix

PEORIA – How do transplants find their way in the fifth biggest city in the country and the fastest growing county? These three groups have formed communities in metro Phoenix.

Private drone hampers battle against Museum Fire, which now is 12% contained

FLAGSTAFF – Firefighters continue to try and get the more than 1,900 acre Museum Fire north of Flagstaff under control, but drones are making that effort harder.

Monsoon storms help slow Museum Fire, but raise flood concerns

FLAGSTAFF – The Museum Fire burning one mile north of Flagstaff is now more than 1,800 acres, but rains Tuesday helped firefighters slow the blaze. With more rain in the forecast, though, the threat of flooding is real.

Arizona has had fewer wildfires than last year, but the blazes are bigger

PHOENIX – There are fewer wildfires in Arizona this year compared to last, but these blazes are burning significant acreage.

A Type 1 Colombia CH47D helicopter, which carries a water bucket that holds up to 2,800 gallons, is refueled and ready to be redeployed to the Woodbury Fire. Photo taken on June 22, 2019 by Anton L. Delgado/News21.

No bursting in air: Carefree uses drones instead of fireworks to celebrate the Fourth

PHOENIX – Drones can replace Fourth of July fireworks without the risk of fire or frightening animals and also help military veterans who deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.

‘A flowing stream from here on out’: Tucson using effluent to revive ‘dead’ stretch of river

TUCSON – The Santa Cruz River west of downtown Tucson is receiving treated wastewater under a Heritage Project meant to restore riparian areas and replenish aquifers.

Phoenix budget approved after 3 hours of anger, pain and demands for police reform

PHOENIX – A 3-hour session of public ire and angst over community-police relation ended with Phoenix City Council voting 7-2 to approve a city budget. The council also pledged to set up reforms that could include a citizens review board.